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About D' Initial Concept Pte. Ltd.

D' Initial Concept believes that a home reflects you - who you are and your idea of happiness. It is an everlasting witness of your precious moments with your loved ones and your life's turning points. Thus, engage our expertise to help you enhance your initial ideas into reality! We understand how exciting it is in wanting, and yet overwhelming it can get, in deciding on the best design for your dream home. With D' Initial Concept, you can leave these time consuming tasks into the good hands of our vast- experienced designing experts, who not only know the ways to exclusive designs, but also be able to provide you with a unique style with our personal touch that meets your needs and fathom what you look for in life.



Akemi was assigned to be our ID and during the first meet-up we were late and she patiently waited for us despite it was already quite late. She is very friendly and sincere upon the first meet-upon leaving us pleasantly surprised. As we had met with other ID prior, some were either snobbish or desperately want us to deposit money for their rendering.
Akemi was great in listening to us, understanding our needs instead of flooding us with other ideas, she gave us very constructive suggestions to improve on our designs.
Once everything was settled, the construction started and surely there were hiccups. Akemi was always prompt to answer our requests and resolved issues as followed.
However, after sometime, our TV console decided to give a little way. It was slightly detached and we were disappointed with what has happened since its only less than 2 months. We quickly contacted Akemi, and she handled the situation very well and assured us that it will not happen again.
Overall, we had an good experience with D’initial and akemi, its just that the price is on a bit of a high side. Having said that, i have to admit their responsiveness and being superbly responsible for many things. I guess we cant have best of both world but i think my family agreed Akemi did a good job.
Thank you!

Pearlyn Oct 2018

​We had good chemistry as we felt that they understood what we wanted and by the second meeting, our shared ideas were already presented to us. We liked the design proposed to us by our ID Sheena, who worked hand in hand with Pea. Although their pricing was a little higher, it was justified as they used better quality materials and we had a lot of custom carpentry for storage solutions. For any design or material that we did not agree on, we were quickly given alternatives on other options to choose from. Whenever some things were not working out right, the problem was solved efficiently without much questions asked. We felt that our IDs were sometimes bounded by the limitations of their contractors, for example they might have to ask if their workers are able to do a certain design, instead of the other way around which is them telling the workers they want a certain design. We have given them this feedback, hopefully they can improve from there and pay more attention to detail. Overall, we still felt that we renovation went well and would recommend their services to other homeowners.

Zathiah Mar 2018

​We chose D’Initial Concept amongst other IDs as we felt they were more sincere. On top of that, they also have Case Trust and a lifetime warranty, which gave us a lot of security. Our IDs Jaslyn and Benedict were very prompt in their communication. They would answer all our questions swiftly without taking much time to reply. The workmanship was satisfactory, however, we did wish we got better design suggestions as we felt the ones given were quite common solutions. The price we got was slightly steeper, so maybe if you have a bigger budget you might be able to get better designs.

Justin & Evelyn Mar 2018

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