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Find an interior designer with a 99% match to your style and budget

Whether you’re just starting to look around for home interior designs or have gathered many inspirations and ideas for your new home after much research and browsing on Pinterest, it’ll take you to the next step of shortlisting interior designers. Question now is, how do you find an interior designer who “gets you” and can make your dream home come true?

Instead of spending your weeknights and weekends meeting with different interior designers to see if they’re the right fit, what if you can use an intelligent and powerful tool to filter down to those who know exactly the style you like, even before meeting you? Best of all,it’ll take just 2 mins of your time!



Start your 2-min style quiz, where you’ll be asked to pick 2 of your favourite home interior designs from each round of images.

Repeat the previous step until our system narrows down to the top 1% of interior designers out of 250 in our database, based on your budget and style.

Reveal your top 3 ideal interior designer match and start connecting with them to build your dream home!

Our Promise

Hand-Picked List of Interior Designers

Every interior designer is screened and carefully selected based on their reputation, portfolio and customer reviews. Our goal? To match every project with an ideal interior designer.

99% Success Match

With every style selection you make, our algorithm learns from your choices to match you with top 3 interior designers out of 250, who can deliver what you need and like.

100% Free

Our recommendation service is entirely free and there’s no obligation to hire an interior designer from us.We’ll leave you with the final decision.

Who Are We

As a subsidiary of Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, Property Quotient aims to help you in the home ownership aspect of the property ownership cycle. Till date, we have worked with international developers, property management firms, interior designers and furniture stores to know what will go wrong and what will make the home renovation process a smooth one. Now, we want to help you.

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