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About Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

Established since 1995, Image Creative Design is an award winning company in the interior design business and has achieved the distinction of being the first and only interior design company in Singapore to be awarded the SUPERBRANDS AWARD since 2004/2005



​I would like to thank Vanessa Song for her professionalism and efficiency she had shown throughout the renovation. I'm really thankful to have her as my ID for new house. What impressed me, other than her designs which go without saying, is her follow up action, patient and accommodating manner in handling demanding customers like me. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to build their dream home.

Jerome Ooi

​My wife and I would like to thank Javier Zhu for his top-notch service and professionalism in helping us design and transform to what we can proudly call Home. Home is a place where happy memories and moments are remembered and treasured, and therefore it took us a long while to land on our design.

Javier is very patient and accommodating to our never ending request, and always there to advise us on pros and cons for various design options. There are times where we were so engross in the design discussion that we lost track of time that it's past midnight, and we are grateful to him for everything that he had done for us, in designing and renovating our home in a short span of time.

Highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an interior designer to transform their home!

Jason Chan

​I would like to share my experience with Interior Designer Lim Thong (LT). He was recommended by a close friend of mine who recently had his house renovated as well.

I am happy to say that there is no regret engaging him. Throughout the entire renovation process, LT was very patient and accommodative. He is also not afraid to provide constructive feedback when I wanted to do things a certain way. He could have just agreed for the sake of getting things done but I am glad he didn't.

At first I did not really have a very clear picture of how I wanted my new home to look, but LT provided sufficient input for me to decide. As we go further into the stages, I began to understand better my own requirement.

LT was also very honest in the pricing and did not push me to get anything redundant or unnecessary. This is the part where I appreciate him the most. I felt confident leaving LT to manage the project while I focus on other commitments.

All in all, Image Creative Design did not let me down. I will highly recommend LT and his company to my friends and family should they need to do renovation in future.

Vincent Weng

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