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About EA Interior Design Pte Ltd

EA is not really in the business of home renovations or interior design. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as architects of attainable dreams. We know good design does not have to be expensive, and so we enjoy showing homeowners how they can make their homes look fantastic, without compromising on quality, timelines or expectations.

As a boutique interior design agency that builds attainable dreams, we choose to work with only a few clients at a time so that we can give each of them the time needed to thoroughly understand their family’s current and future requirements. This ensures that our recommendations - while design-focused - are always practical, and will serve their current needs while withstanding the tests of time.



I’ve engaged EA Interior Design for the renovation works. At first, I was worried about the timeline and the inconveniences as I was doing minor Reno, while staying in at my place. But at the end of the entire renovation process, I was surprised at how smoothly the entire process went. Without even me being there. All the incoveniences that I expect, didn’t actually happen. Every end of the day, the workers left the place neat & tidy, without much inconveniences. I will strongly recommend EA Interior Design for their professionalism.

Wilin Ng

​We actually got to know Edwin thru a friend's recommendation. And we found him to be extremely, sincere and patient in answering all our queries and concerns. In fact, throughout the entire renovation process, we were surprised that actually renovating a home is not that stressful as claimed by some of my other friends.

Honestly, as compared to some other IDs, their prices maybe a little slightly higher. But after seeing the end products done, I would actually say it's worth every penny spend. Like what my id Edwin would say, Don't be Penny wise, but Pound foolish.

Calvin Lopez

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